I-Tip Hair Extension Body Wave 16 Inches #6 CHESTNUT BROWN (100 strands/ pack, 1g/strand)

-12% I-Tip Hair Extension Body Wave 16 Inches #6 CHESTNUT BROWN (100 strands/ pack, 1g/strand)

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Product Features :

Made of Top Grade 100% Virgin Remy Human Hair

  1. * Length : 16 Inches
  2. * Color :#6 CHESTNUT BROWN 
  3. * Weight :100 strands/ pack, 1g/strand
  4. * Texture : Body Wave

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NOTE: TheWildWaves is made with a multi-tone adapt coloring system, makingsure that even if your hair color is slightly different, the extensions will still be able to blend with your hair seamlessly. You can get the most natural-looking beautiful hair with TheWildWaves products.


Why theWildWaves? 


Ombre Colors

The ombre look is IN! The Wild Waves employs an exclusive technique created by our experienced designers that creates an ultra natural ombre gradient. Compare and contrast our ombre transition gradient with those of other hair product companies, and you will see the difference. The Wild Waves redefines ombre to be a natural, smooth, effortless transition that is much more visually pleasing than the harsh ombre transition that other companies offers. Use The Wild Waves ombre extensions to get the BEST ombre look.




Tape Hair:

In our Tape-hair extensions, hair is injected on polyester (the tape part) of 4*1 cm. The tapes are made to have round corners, making sure that they do not irritate the scalp in anyways. We pre-tape a high quality adhesive on the polyester to make the tape hair extensions. After thousands of tests, we finally found this exclusive adhesive that is water resistant, powerful, long lasting, and does not melt in any ways in hot weathers. During removal, this adhesive does not leave any remnants, saving you from a messy clean up process.





Why The wildwaves’ Lace wigs?

There are a variety of lace wigs out in the market, but ours are special. 

The unique cap of our wigs are designed by our co-founded Patrick Zhang, 

who has had over 20 years of experience in the hair industry. 

The construction of the cap helps make sure that our wigs are an easy fit and feels comfortable.



Only Genuine Swiss lace is used in The Wild Waves wigs, ear to ear across the front, and some caps with lace at the neck for ponytailing. 

It should be specially noted that the neck part of our wigs has 1” of Swiss lace hand tied just like the front of the wig with a natural zigzag to mimic the hairline. 

This detailed special design allows the wig to be ponytailed if needed. If the lace at the neck is not necessary, feel free to cut if off. 

Compared to the Korean lace used on cheaper wigs sold by other companies or on Amazon, our high quality wigs are durable and breathable. 

Genuine Swiss lace is durable enough.

The most unique characteristic of our wig is the colors. 

Over the years, Patrick worked with a couple of Hollywood make-up artists to design the phenomenal colors that are inimitable. 


Synthetic Fibers:

Heat resistant fiber

    -Can be further color treated for Ombre dark root colors.

    -Our exclusive coloring technique creates the most natural and beautiful Ombre gradient. 

High end heat resistant fiber

    -Made in Japan, Kanekalon Futura fiber

    -The synthetic fiber closest to the texture of human hair

    -Longer durability

    -Can’t be color treated for an Ombre effect



Get our Lace Wigs to experience the top notch quality we desired here!



1. ALWAYS try out a TEST STRAND before applying on full scale.

2. From time to time there may be slight variations in color after washing. This is normal and does not affect the quality of the product.

3. Giving your extensions a trim every 6 weeks is always advised in order to keep the ends in good condition.

4. After washing the extensions with shampoo and conditioner, while the hair is still wet, ALWAYS brush the hair to prevent mattingRemember to start brushing near the ends; then gradually move up to the middle of the extensions and brush down to the ends before brushing all the way from the roots to the ends. Following this brushing technique is very beneficial for the extensions and also minimizes the possibility of damaging to your own hair.

5. We recommend always using BASIC hydrating shampoos and conditioners for your extensions. Check the formulas to make sure that the products used DO NOT contain any protein or oil treatments, for they strip the cuticles on the hair. We recommend that you mix a little bit of conditioner with shampoo to clean the hair first. And then, apply conditioner to the extensions and wait for about 5 minutes before rinsing. It is advised to repeat the conditioning procedure three times.

6. Water quality around the world varies. In some places, the tap water you use for washing the extensions are more acidic than that of other places. Normally, less acidic, or more basic the water is better for making sure the extensions stay smooth and tangle-free.

7. For your styling convenience, heat can be safely applied to Human Hair. Don’t be shy to use tools like straighteners, curling tongs, hair dryers and other tools to create gorgeous hairstyles.

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Transform your hair instantly with theWildWaves Tape Hair extensions into thicker, longer, and more luscious locks than you’ve ever had before. Get ready to feel more confident and show off your unique style.

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